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The Encounter Space

A Gentle Invitation to Encounter God

Over three months in the summer we paused and prayed, to discern what direction God wants for The Well in the future. We are delighted to invite you to join us in person again!

Our vision has always been to see people encounter the healing, transformative love and power of God. We want to encourage people to make time and space for Him before receiving prayer ministry. The Encounter Space provides time to rest in God’s Presence and space for the Holy Spirit to move and speak to hearts, leading people to Jesus – who is the Healer. We are filled with faith for what Father God wants to do!

So when you arrive at The Well’s building in Royal Leamington Spa, after making a note of what you have come to pray for, you will be encouraged to spend some time in the Encounter Space. After a while, the Team will come and invite you into a prayer room. And if you drop in for prayer at The Well, even if we are filled to the gills with Guests seeking God’s incredible healing power, you can still come into this space and rest. The Encounter Space is open whenever Ministry is open, every Tuesday afternoon and evening, and Wednesday morning.

This was posted on 9 September 2021 in General news.