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We provide a variety of talks and other resources to help you consider the topic of healing, and to pray with and for others.

Some of these are offered for free; others for a small charge.

For example below you can find links to listen to our past recorded events!

Until 2020 only the Streams in the Desert women’s events were recorded and published on our website for all to hear. As the Lockdown caused so much uncertainty, we uploaded most of our previous Listening to God conferences to this page as well, so that more people could benefit from the powerful words of our guest speakers.

You can also listen to these podcasts from anywhere that you usually listen to podcasts: just search The Well Christian Healing Centre, and they should be the first results that turn up!

Latest Streams talk from 2022

Listen to the latest Streams event ‘The Bird Who Sang Again’ by Judy Moore: November 7th 2022

Listen a previous Streams event ‘Known’ by Hils Grew: September 26th 2022

Previous Streams talks from 2011 to 2020

Previous Listening to God talks from 2011 to 2016

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