If you haven’t had prayer ministry before, you might understandably be a little nervous. Don’t worry. We take care to make sure your visit is a very positive experience.


A typical appointment will be about 30 minutes long. We always try to accommodate anyone who comes without an appointment, but at busy times you might need to wait, and your prayer ministry time may be shorter. It’s best to make an appointment so that we can serve you better.


When you arrive, our Welcome Team will invite you in and explain what happens next. You can relax with a complimentary drink and biscuit and maybe browse a book until you are ready to move into the Encounter Space, and then after that your healing prayer session.

A private, restful, holy space

Our building at Augusta Place has been designed and fitted to focus on Prayer Ministry. We have four Prayer Rooms which are used solely for ministering to our guests. They are private, quiet, restful, holy spaces where you can feel comfortable. Our Encounter Space has been developed in the last few months to offer a time before you have your appointment, when you can reflect, pray, and encounter the Holy Spirit.

Two Prayer Team members will listen to your needs, and then pray for your situation. Our volunteers have all been trained, and work under the supervision of Ministry Director Rev Anne Hibbert. Anything you tell them will be treated as confidential.

We know this can be an emotional time. We sometimes see tears as an outward sign of God’s power at work, so each room has a box of tissues available, and water if you need a drink.

Next steps

At the end of your prayer ministry time, the prayer team will discuss the next steps with you, and work hard to find the right follow-up.

The team might recommend coming back for more appointments or a longer session of prayer. We may suggest going to a Rest and Receive Prayer session, or refer you to an Alpha course or a local church. We are an independent charity, but we see ourselves as a gateway to local churches.

Are you ready?