6 days a Week – Research Form

Thank you again for your continued support with all aspects of prayer ministry at The Well. Most of us will know that the vision for owning our own building was to be open 6 days a week for people far and wide – our core raison d’etre and calling!

With the joyful success of being handed the keys to the building, it only seemed a very short time that we sadly entered the pandemic which radically changed the way we had to deliver ministry. Coming out of the other side of the pandemic consequences, we need to gather pace with our faith steps, and once again to press into the vision of opening this building 6 days a week for prayer ministry.

Without over committing and without holding you to any specific feedback, we would like to hear about how you, or others you know might be able to engage in getting this vision moving again!

The Specific ASK

Are you able to offer The Well either some full days or half days on a regular or semi-regular basis?
The ‘role description’ would be developed around these ideas:
• 2-3 people per day would oversee the opening and closing of the building 6 days a week
• Any 2 of the 3 would be available for basic walk-in appointments and where possible online Zoom appointments
• Support would be given to any teams that wanted to theme part of their days (like we did with the recent coffee mornings, eg some craft, reading, writing, special guests etc.)
Without fleshing this out much further, please can you complete the following tick boxes which indicated days you might be able to offer and what frequency this might be.