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Pathway to Balance, Productivity and Joy in Life

Sat 10 June 2023

10.00 am-4.30 pm

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June 10


10:00 am - 04:30 pm

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The Well Christian Healing Centre

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Led by Carole Milligan, KingsCompass The Christian Coach Academy. Held at The Well, 20 Augusta Place, Leamington Spa

About this Pathway Day

Jesus said He came to give us ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10 NLT). Yet the day to day experience of many Christians can seem more full of stress and frustration than joy and progress with the things that matter most. Unchecked, busy lives and circumstances can throw us way off track with God’s design for our lives, operating reactively, outside our natural strengths and gifting, doing things that drain, deplete and rob us of the joy and abundant life Jesus died for us to have.

This day invites you to press the pause button and refresh the vision and direction of your life in Christ —across the whole of life.

Explore a unique Wheel of Christian Life, modelled on the life of Jesus; Take a spiritual health check and consider how God’s uniquely equipped you for your path ahead; Prioritise and clarify your goals ‘In Christ’; Dream and ‘explore the land’ to refine your focus.

There’ll be opportunity for a short prayer appointment, networking and lots of God given Bible resources to help keep you on track as you journey on.

You’ll leave with a vision and first steps into a more balanced, productive and joyful life for the year ahead—and beyond!

Combining the forward focus of Christian faith-based coaching with time to receive prayer for you as an individual, this day is for:

Men and women seeking time out to review and refresh their unique priorities and focus with God; Those feeling stuck and wanting to get moving forward with energy and purpose; Christians wondering if there is ‘more’ to life than a seemingly endless hamster wheel of draining responsibilities? Those wondering ‘where next?’ from here; Those seeking to live more fully as a follower of Jesus Christ.

‘ “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. ” ‘Jeremiah 29:11 (WEB)

Please note: This day offers coaching in a group setting, to help you think through changes you might like to make in your life. It is not therapy or counselling and for people who are basically well adjusted, emotionally healthy and functioning effectively. As a result of attending this day we would not want you to change any of your medical treatment or therapy without first discussing it with your medical practitioner.

Our Facilitator

Carole Milligan is a coach, facilitator and founder of KingsCompass The Christian Coach Academy™. She began coaching in 2002, became a Licenced Trainer of the Coaching Academy in 2007 and established KingsCompass in 2012, for Christians seeking a scripturally grounded approach to helping self and others move forward in life. She worships in the Ferncumbe Benefice, just outside Warwick.

Tickets (and pre-event exercise) in advance: £20 Early bird to 15th May, £25 from 16th May onwards

Please note: Lunch is not included in this Pathway day, please bring a packed lunch. Hot drinks and biscuits provided.