Here at The Well Christian Healing Centre, we are able to do what we do thanks to an incredible team of people who share in our vision.

The overwhelming majority of people you will meet at our prayer ministry, at soaking prayer sessions, quiet days and our other events are volunteers, who are supported by their church leaders and who have undergone training for their roles.

Other volunteers support us in the office as we prepare for those same events and we have a board of trustees who also give of their time freely to help us on our way.

Somewhere in the midst of all these amazing contributions is the staff team, who we introduce to you here:


Meet the team

Director of Ministry and Founder

Anne has remarkable enthusiasm for seeing people encounter God. In her down time, she spends time with her 2 beautiful boys: rabbit Henry and cat Monty, she has a barely concealed passion for the cinema, Strictly Come Dancing and a latte with friends, and loves to travel. Anne also sits on the board of trustees.

Executive Director

Mark is married with two children and lives in Coventry where he attends Coventry Vineyard church.

Mark has spent many years running not for profit organisations in the UK following 20 years of working within industry. He is keen to use the knowledge and experience gained in helping The Well both in its day to day operations as well as assisting the Trustees in planning for the future.

To relax Mark enjoys gardening, fishing and playing the saxophone.

Office Administrator

When you call our office, Jim is likely to be the one who answers the phone. Jim is a safe pair of hands for all of your queries and is a great support to everyone who he encounters. Jim spends his spare time singing in a choir or playing around with a spreadsheet.

Our Board of Trustees are:

Tony is husband to Yolanda, father of Becci, Emily & Anna, and grandfather of Jason & Micah and Ben, Kezia & Joshua. He is a follower of Christ.

He enjoys sharing and developing his knowledge, learning, experience and faith.

He currently has four other main roles:

  • Chair of Trustees/Directors of The Well Christian Healing Centre, Leamington Spa;
  • Chair of the Advisory Board of the Creative Mentorship programme in Serbia;
  • Trustee / PCC member of St Paul’s Church, Leamington Spa;
  • Director / governor of St Gabriel’s CofE Academy, Houlton (Rugby)

Tony has over 45 years of experience in educational, cultural and creative projects – as a leader, mentor, governor, advisor, communicator, strategist, teacher, teacher trainer, facilitator, curriculum developer, author, project manager, centre director, cultural relations manager, and country director. He has been a board member of various educational, spiritual and development organisations.


He is passionate about education and living out his faith and values.

He loves learning – especially about different cultures, helping people develop and connect, building and empowering teams, and having fun.


In his 38 years with the British Council (1978-2016), he averaged 4 years each in Morocco, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Morocco, London, Sri Lanka, Poland and the Western Balkans. Before all that he was a volunteer teacher in Aswan, Egypt (1971-73) and a lecturer in the University of Tabriz, Iran (1975-77).


He has a law degree from Cambridge, a postgraduate diploma and PGCE from Manchester and an MA from the Institute of Education in London.

He has three published works and many professional articles.


Tony lives in Warwick with Yolanda, his wife of >42 years. They are actively involved in St Paul’s church, including in small groups and networks, and are increasingly drawn to pastoral care and prayer. As a follower of Christ, Tony has a simple faith: love God, love my neighbour. He enjoys mentoring & empowering people. He walks a lot – along nearby rivers and canal, through fields and parks and in the countryside.

  • He enjoys travel, especially visiting family in UK, Austria & Australia, Ireland & Italy.
  • He has lived in 13 countries, worked in 72 and visited 84 in all.
  • He loves reading, sport, films, and food. He has UK and Irish passports.
  • He is a life member of the National Trust, the RSPB and the Green Party.

Director of Ministry and Founder

Anne has remarkable enthusiasm for seeing people encounter God. In her down time, she spends time with her 2 beautiful boys: rabbit Henry and cat Monty, she has a barely concealed passion for the cinema, Strictly Come Dancing and a latte with friends, and loves to travel. Anne also sits on the board of trustees.

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Craig is husband to Stacey, father to Jamie and Louis. He became a follower of Christ at the age of 38yrs.

He chose to become a Trustee having experienced the healing power of Christ first hand. He is an advocate for the victory that Jesus won on the cross and for the full life that is ours as a result.

He currently has three other roles:
• Marketing and Communications Trustee/Director of The Well Christian Healing Centre, Leamington Spa
• General Manager of the Harvest Fields Centre, Sutton Coldfield
• Steering Committee Member of Divine Business Network, Solihull


Craig has 23 years of experience in the property industry and 6 years heading up a pioneering not for profit Christian organisation. Franchise expertise, general management, business development, marketing, training and consultancy. Tenacious problem solver with strong leadership skills. Creative and infectious who seeks to increase business potential and personal performance on both a practical and spiritual level. A board level communicator, public speaker and believable motivator and implementer of change. His core skill is to transform complex, failing or innovative projects into clear and impacting deliverable s through measurable structure, process and clear communication.


He is passionate about unlocking hidden potential and releasing others into their gifts and callings. He loves to learn, share and inspire through biblical truths and unconditional love. A mentor, coach and confidant to business, community and spiritual leaders.


In his 23 years in the property market, Craig has run, owned businesses and been a consultant back to the property industry. He now heads up a £3.6m multi-purpose venue built in a community of 538 new homes – where Corporate Business, Charity and Church all come together for the good of Community.


He has no formal education outside of school but believes that The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the best teachers anyone could have.

He is currently writing a book called ‘WON’. It is about strengthening the saints for Gods glory and to help release the Church into her full potential.


Craig and his wife Stacey have recently moved to Royal Sutton Coldfield having lived in Northamptonshire for most of their adult life.

  • He is an avid bible reader
  • He has completed an Ironman competition and remains a keen swimmer, cyclist and runner
  • He loves scuba diving and is qualified to an advanced level
  • He is a keen motor cycle rider and owns a powerful 1996 Suzuki 1000 TLS sports bike
  • He travels the country towing his caravan at every available opportunity
  • He is an enthusiastic golfer – but let’s leave it at that!

Kevin has been a trustee since September 2016, and is currently a member of the Premises Committee and chair of the Finance Committee.

He spent 30 years working for National Grid and its predecessor companies in a variety of commercial, governance, and programme management roles around the UK before taking early retirement in 2014.

He moved to Kenilworth with his wife over 20 years ago and has attended St John’s church throughout that time, twice being PCC Secretary.  He was on the project team that recently managed a major reordering project at the church, and one reason for joining The Well trustees was to apply what he’d learnt to the renovation project at Augusta Place.

He enjoys hill walking, badminton, Arsenal football club, and Yorkshire cricket.