The Well Ministry

Our vision is that people will come from far and wide: God has decreed The Well will be in Leamington Spa.

But it is also part of our vision that ripples will go back out, sharing the experience of what we have seen God do.

Our prayer team members often get involved with prayer ministry in their own churches and we regularly get bookings for our training courses from churches around the country.

Our Listening to God conferences bring speakers to the town to resource Christians and Rev Anne Hibbert is often invited to events around the country to speak about healing.

On some of these occasions we are asked to lead a healing service at a church and we do so under the banner of Travelling Well.

These visits will often see Anne working with members of our prayer team to offer appointments and run special prayer activities as part of the service.

We see it as a vital strand of our work to be able to run Travelling Well events but please note, we are only able to run a limited number each year, so if your church would like us to take a healing service, please contact the office for more details.