Through The Well’s Christian healing ministry, many thousands of people have discovered the peace of mind and healing that only God can give.

One of those people is Gary, who has shared his remarkable story in the enclosed leaflet.

Gary was caught up in a spiral of drug abuse and crime. Then he found God, and later was healed by Him at The Well. And it’s changed his life more than he could ever have imagined.

Today, Gary is an evangelist, sharing his love of Jesus with others, and soon he will be going to Bible College. Isn’t that amazing? Praise God!

So many people in this world are hurting – whether from physical illness, loneliness, the loss of a loved one, a relationship breakdown, mental illness or stress. But few know that God heals today, or how they can seek that healing.

We long to help them, and we know you do too.

Would you like to increase your gift so more people can discover Father God’s healing love?

Now that The Well’s new Christian Healing Centre is open, we are looking to increase our ministry to six days a week, so that many more people like Gary can discover Father God’s healing love and how He can transform their lives.

Would you prayerfully consider if you might be able to provide a cornerstone for this expansion of ministry by increasing your regular gift?

If so please either complete this form or email our office for a donation form.