The Power of Healing Prayer in action


The Well has helped thousands of people since it first opened its doors in February 2004. As a result we have received a great many testimonies which encourage others who need help as well as the Well Team itself. Below are a few for you to see from those who have experienced the healing power of prayer for themselves, first hand. These are ordinary people who have had an extraordinary experience.


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New confidence and deeper joy

I visited The Well because there was a pattern of untimely death in my family tree.  Concern and anxiety were gnawing away inside of me.  I was recommended a Generational Appointment.  First there was an initial one where I shared my family tree.  Even just talking about my family and previous generations made me feel released and cleansed.

Next came the actual appointment where I was given a prayer to say sorry to God on behalf of my ancestors.  It was during this prayer that God did amazing things in me! I was not expecting that at all.  I feel like a ‘skin of shame’ has been totally removed from me and I didn’t even know it was there!  I feel incredibly different, I seem to be able to breathe more deeply and feel a deeper joy inside of me.   I have a new confidence and I believe that God has heard the cry in my heart regarding concerns and patterns in my Family Tree.  I have a peace that was never there before.  Praise God for His healing and for The Well!

“Do not fear … I will be with you.” (Isaiah 43:1-2)

Patrick, one of our Guests, has a unique insight into emerging from lockdown. He spent the first seventeen years of his life in an institution, only allowed out to go to school. We asked what he’d want to say to others at this time.

“You may have been feeling very safe in your own home during lockdown, and be very fearful about change. But do you want fear to rule you? Or do you want to be yourself and be free? I know that these aren’t easy choices, especially if you’ve been shielding. I remember how scared I was. I had no family or other support, was institutionalised and totally unprepared for the wider world. Many people today have become ‘institutionalised’ in their own homes, their mental health may have suffered during lockdown, and they too are feeling unprepared for a very changed world. But there are things that can help.

You may feel secure in your lockdown routine, but try to find a new routine. You can gradually increase time outside your home and contact with other people. Do this at your own pace. Don’t feel ashamed if you feel you need to back away at times and then build up again. Ask your support networks to check in on you – and be honest with them! You’ll need more support some days than others. You can ask God for help too. My faith in God got me through when I had nothing and nobody else in the world. He is still there for me today, especially through my church and The Well. Ultimately we all have to make a choice. Will we choose to live again?”

“An amazing sense of God’s presence” through Online Rest and Receive

I was initially quite concerned about how Online Rest and Receive would be, as I previously have had such a positive experience of Rest and Receive at The Well and didn’t want to be disappointed. I was also concerned about using Zoom, as I wasn’t familiar with this.

From the first online session I felt an amazing sense of what I can only describe as deep peace, relaxation and a physical feeling of warmth. I have continued to have an amazing sense of God’s presence, not just in the Rest and Receive sessions, but at other times in the week. I have slept much better over the past weeks and it is not unusual for me to wake up with worship songs in my head in the morning, some of which I have heard at Rest and Receive.

It has been good to hear short passages of the Bible brought to life and very relevant to life right now. It has been really so encouraging for people to stand with me in prayer in challenging situations in my life. I have had a sense that everything is going to be ok. For example, I was struggling to wear personal protective equipment with a visor at work and feeling claustrophobic and starting to panic. I asked specifically for prayer for this and now feel so much calmer when wearing PPE.

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If you would like a Healing Prayer Appointment please contact The Well