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The Power of Healing Prayer in action


The Well has helped thousands of people since it first opened its doors in February 2004. As a result we have received a great many testimonies which encourage others who need help as well as the Well Team itself. Below are a few for you to see from those who have experienced the healing power of prayer for themselves, first hand. These are ordinary people who have had an extraordinary experience.


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Gary’s Story

My name’s Gary. Through The Well’s ministry, God dramatically transformed my life.

Growing up on a Manchester council estate surrounded by drugs, crime and violence, I was constantly fearful. I rebelled, resorting to alcohol, drugs and crime to drive the fear away. At fifteen I went to prison. When I came out, I tried to change. I moved home, hung out with good people, got counselling – but I always ended up back inside.

I heard about Jesus and how he could give me a new start whilst at a Christian rehab in Coventry. But after rehab I just went back to my old ways.

Finally I cried out to God to save me. Within days I lost all desire to do drink and drugs.

I got baptised and went to live in Royal Leamington Spa with some Christians I’d met in Coventry, and started going to church.

That’s where I heard about The Well.

I’d given up drink, drugs and crime, but was still struggling with fear and longstanding issues. So I decided to give The Well a try.

The Well was the family I had never had. I felt welcomed, loved and accepted. They prayed for me and shared encouraging Scripture and I felt God’s powerful presence and love.

After a few prayer ministry sessions, the fear that had haunted me all my life began to lift.

I started volunteering at The Well, helping set up for events. Through this, God helped me develop a sense of dignity and self-worth.

All my life, I’d worked the benefits system, but now God gave me a deep desire to work. It’s not easy getting work when you have a criminal record as long as mine. The Well helped me apply for a position as a caretaker for a local church – my first ever paid job at the age of twenty-eight!

Since then, I’ve got a diploma, worked with adults with mental health issues and become an evangelist. I’ve also bought a house and married Ania, a beautiful woman of God.

Currently, I manage a café and a team of volunteers for a charity that helps the homeless, ex-convicts and drug addicts. I use my life experiences to help them get back on their feet. And I’m about to start studying for a theology degree at Bible College.

I’m so grateful to God for saving and healing me, and to The Well for believing in me and helping me.

You can help someone else like Gary discover God’s healing love

The Well opens every week to offer healing prayer to all in need. But we can only do so with your help.

Your gift today could change a life – as it changed Gary’s.


New confidence and deeper joy

I visited The Well because there was a pattern of untimely death in my family tree.  Concern and anxiety were gnawing away inside of me.  I was recommended a Generational Appointment.  First there was an initial one where I shared my family tree.  Even just talking about my family and previous generations made me feel released and cleansed.

Next came the actual appointment where I was given a prayer to say sorry to God on behalf of my ancestors.  It was during this prayer that God did amazing things in me! I was not expecting that at all.  I feel like a ‘skin of shame’ has been totally removed from me and I didn’t even know it was there!  I feel incredibly different, I seem to be able to breathe more deeply and feel a deeper joy inside of me.   I have a new confidence and I believe that God has heard the cry in my heart regarding concerns and patterns in my Family Tree.  I have a peace that was never there before.  Praise God for His healing and for The Well!

Proxy prayers answered

My grandson was born two months early and weighing 2lbs 4oz.

His mum had problems giving birth and there was great concern shown as he was very small and thin.  He stayed in the Special Baby Unit for several weeks being fed via a nasal tube.

On returning home feeds were 4 hourly, my family were worn out and anxious all  the time as he vomited his feeds back and cried a lot.

The hospital began to show concern when he was 6 months old as there was no weight gain, and a plan was discussed with my family for another nasal tube to be put in or to fit a tube via his abdomen.

A month later I had proxy prayers at The Well with a prayer team; they prayed for his physical well being and for him to stop  vomiting, and that he would be able to take his feeds, and gain weight in Jesus Name!  The team prayed for my family too.

I visit my grandson every week and have seen the change in him, he is now taking his 4 hourly feeds, and pureed porridge every morning.  He has gained weight and looks healthy, very bright and alert, he is moving around too.

My family are now less anxious and more peaceful, and great fun to be with.

Praise Jesus, and thank you Lord for The Well.

I could feel the power of the intercessory prayer pulling me back to life

I was encouraged by friends to visit The Well in July 2014 for healing prayer. I had left hospital at the end of May after 4 months of aggressive chemo to save my life. I had 6 weeks left to live when I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. The third lot of treatment went wrong and I ended up in intensive care for a week, they were forced to operate though I did not have an immune system. I learnt afterwards that the medics did not expect me to live as my infection rates were so high. Five days later when they woke me up I knew I was going to survive I could feel the power of the intercessory prayer pulling me back to life.  My body had gone to the very edge of life but my spirit was very much alive.  I had some amazing intercessors standing in the gap for me.

When I came to The Well 6 weeks later I was facing the huge decision of whether to have a bone marrow transplant or not. Donors had been found and the QE specialist told me I only had a 30% chance of shaking the cancer off completely, if it returned I would be dead in months. I was very fearful of another course of brutal treatment of which 10% of the patients never make it through. I didn’t want my body taken down so low again, I knew what it felt like and the long walk back.

I did not go for prayer specifically about the transplant but to my amazement God made it absolutely clear that I didn’t need the transplant he was going to take care of me. A huge weight of fear rolled off my shoulders. He was asking me to step out in faith like Gideon and go forwards one step at a time. He was going to give me the solid ground of faith beneath my feet. My physical health returned quickly and I looked healthier than I had done for a number of years. Emotionally and spiritually I wandered in a wilderness for many months coming to terms with what had happened. But in it all God was changing me and recalibrating me teaching me the disciplines of stillness and silence and my life was becoming a prayer, a listening to God.

Since then I often come to the Well.  Early in my convalescence the Quiet Days and Listening To God conferences were a source of life and refreshment. Before each blood test to monitor my condition I come for prayer. Whilst I am in the prayer booth I feel a deep assurance of God being with me and that all is well. Each time my spirit is ministered to on a deep level and the presence of God is almost tangible.

It is hard to imagine how much harder the journey would have been without support and faith of The Well.  God gave the Prayer Team to me as a gift at a time of deep need both physically and emotionally.

Thank you Jesus for raising up this ministry to bring comfort to those who walk in darkness, to hold up the light of truth and hope, to shine in the hearts of many who walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  To proclaim and demonstrate that God heals today!

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If you would like a Healing Prayer Appointment please contact The Well