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The Power of Healing Prayer in action


The Well has helped thousands of people since it first opened its doors in February 2004. As a result we have received a great many testimonies which encourage others who need help as well as the Well Team itself. Below are a few for you to see from those who have experienced the healing power of prayer for themselves, first hand. These are ordinary people who have had an extraordinary experience.


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Gary’s Story

My name’s Gary. Through The Well’s ministry, God dramatically transformed my life.

Growing up on a Manchester council estate surrounded by drugs, crime and violence, I was constantly fearful. I rebelled, resorting to alcohol, drugs and crime to drive the fear away. At fifteen I went to prison. When I came out, I tried to change. I moved home, hung out with good people, got counselling – but I always ended up back inside.

I heard about Jesus and how he could give me a new start whilst at a Christian rehab in Coventry. But after rehab I just went back to my old ways.

Finally I cried out to God to save me. Within days I lost all desire to do drink and drugs.

I got baptised and went to live in Royal Leamington Spa with some Christians I’d met in Coventry, and started going to church.

That’s where I heard about The Well.

I’d given up drink, drugs and crime, but was still struggling with fear and longstanding issues. So I decided to give The Well a try.

The Well was the family I had never had. I felt welcomed, loved and accepted. They prayed for me and shared encouraging Scripture and I felt God’s powerful presence and love.

After a few prayer ministry sessions, the fear that had haunted me all my life began to lift.

I started volunteering at The Well, helping set up for events. Through this, God helped me develop a sense of dignity and self-worth.

All my life, I’d worked the benefits system, but now God gave me a deep desire to work. It’s not easy getting work when you have a criminal record as long as mine. The Well helped me apply for a position as a caretaker for a local church – my first ever paid job at the age of twenty-eight!

Since then, I’ve got a diploma, worked with adults with mental health issues and become an evangelist. I’ve also bought a house and married Ania, a beautiful woman of God.

Currently, I manage a café and a team of volunteers for a charity that helps the homeless, ex-convicts and drug addicts. I use my life experiences to help them get back on their feet. And I’m about to start studying for a theology degree at Bible College.

I’m so grateful to God for saving and healing me, and to The Well for believing in me and helping me.

You can help someone else like Gary discover God’s healing love

The Well opens every week to offer healing prayer to all in need. But we can only do so with your help.

Your gift today could change a life – as it changed Gary’s.


I continually thank God for His grace

I’d had a car accident and been off work for three months.

I had been suffering quite a bit of hip pain and then it aggravated an old injury in my back which had been hanging around for a few years.

The pain was quite bad and the week before I was due back at work I came to The Well for prayer.

In my appointment, they prayed first about the car accident and I hadn’t realised how scared I still felt about it. I confessed to this fear and then stood up straight for the first time in months and had a feeling of total freedom and joy!

Then they prayed about my lower back and I felt something shift a bit.

In the car going home I told my friend my back was fine. It was really exciting but I still felt a bit unsure whether it really was fixed and wondered why God had bothered healing me when He had so much to do.

When I got home I phoned a friend who has arthritis to tell her what happened as she was someone who knows what it means to even get half a day without pain.

I woke up the following morning and it was bad again but then I remembered Anne had said about the need to keep praying.

Over the next few days the pain came back a few times – only as niggles and not so bad as it was – but I would pray in the knowledge that God had absolutely healed me and it would go again.

It’s been really good to go back to work. I have gone back on a graded return but it’s been fine.

I’ve been looking in the Bible more and more and I feel I should be praying more for other people.

At Streams in the Desert we were praying for people with pain in their shoulders. I joined in praying for the woman in front of me. The lady had fibromyalgia but said her pain in shoulder and arm had gone completely after the third time we prayed.

I can see now how important it is to have the faith to keep praying. I’m still getting some pain every now and again but when I pray in faith it goes again.

I continually thank God for his grace!

New confidence and deeper joy

I visited The Well because there was a pattern of untimely death in my family tree.  Concern and anxiety were gnawing away inside of me.  I was recommended a Generational Appointment.  First there was an initial one where I shared my family tree.  Even just talking about my family and previous generations made me feel released and cleansed.

Next came the actual appointment where I was given a prayer to say sorry to God on behalf of my ancestors.  It was during this prayer that God did amazing things in me! I was not expecting that at all.  I feel like a ‘skin of shame’ has been totally removed from me and I didn’t even know it was there!  I feel incredibly different, I seem to be able to breathe more deeply and feel a deeper joy inside of me.   I have a new confidence and I believe that God has heard the cry in my heart regarding concerns and patterns in my Family Tree.  I have a peace that was never there before.  Praise God for His healing and for The Well!

I am so much more at peace

While visiting the UK for a few months this year (I am English but living abroad) I began attending The Well Quiet Days with some friends.

While attending these days the Lord began to show me that I had been harbouring some issues from my childhood with regard to never feeling loved by my mother (she also told my
younger sister she never wanted her,which hurt me too).

My mother used to leave me with a man who my parents were friends with and he abused me.
It was a complete shock when this came up as I felt I had completely forgotten about this but obviously the Lord knew it was still there and needed to be dealt with. This had caused me to have problems within relationships and within my two marriages. I was always seeking approval from people and even my children.

Since attending The Well over a period of weeks and discussing my problems with the wonderful volunteers and being prayed for by them I am so much more at peace with myself. I don’t need to look for approval from anyone now; I can just be me and know that I don’t need
anyone’s approval any more.

I know God loves me and that is the most important thing now in my life and this could not have happened without the prayers from The Well and Christ who strengthens me.
I thank the Lord for Anne Hibbert and her wonderful team of volunteers and that the Lord called them into this ministry. They are making such a difference in people’s lives and I pray
that people will continue to visit this healing centre and give them help and support in whatever way they can.

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If you would like a Healing Prayer Appointment please contact The Well