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The Power of Healing Prayer in action


The Well has helped thousands of people since it first opened its doors in February 2004. As a result we have received a great many testimonies which encourage others who need help as well as the Well Team itself. Below are a few for you to see from those who have experienced the healing power of prayer for themselves, first hand. These are ordinary people who have had an extraordinary experience.


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Experiencing God’s healing, freedom and peace through Prayer Ministry and Online Quiet Mornings

“I have been amazed by God and how He speaks through the words given each time I go. They are just so right for me personally. It’s like God himself speaking directly into my circumstances and situation.”

My relationship with The Well began on the 25th November 2019. I see this as a pivotal moment in my life and journey with God, for reasons that will become clear.

I was already aware of The Well, as my wife had been to several sessions of ‘Rest and Receive’ prayer and found them very beneficial. I was at one of those watershed moments in life. My career in the Police Service was drawing to a close, with retirement looming in January 2020, and all those thoughts and insecurities came flooding in about the future, my worth and usefulness. I suppose that after such a full career, and especially the last decade of dealing with some pretty horrific crimes within my career path of Homicide investigation, it was never going to be an easy transition and always had the potential to be a pretty bumpy ride.

It was in that context that I became aware of the Healing Training evening at a local church (All Saints, Allesley), led by The Well. Over the years I had been on several of these types of events, having had training through the Lighthouse and also Graham Dow at Holy Trinity, so thought this might be a good opportunity to push on a few doors as I went into this new period of my life.

Many familiar faces were there, but it was here that I met a man who I had heard a lot about, but whom I had never actually met – someone well-known and loved by the Christian community in Coventry – Maurice Markham. The encounter I was to have that night with him and the Lord has proved to be foundational to this first retirement year.

The stand-out moment for me was when Anne asked us to practise using Bible verses on each other to bless and encourage. As Maurice was sitting near me, we paired up. He looked me straight in the eyes and gently spoke the words from Isaiah 43:18-19: “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing…” Maurice never knew my circumstances, but God did and wanted to use him powerfully that night.

Maurice spoke with authority but in such a gentle way, it was like God Himself was whispering to me. It just took me quite by surprise and I could feel the well of tears begin to flow. God certainly knew what He was doing that night, and I left with a new and renewed sense that yes, this was the end of one career, but just the beginning of something entirely new and exciting. A step into the unknown, but I could go forward with a renewed sense of hope that God had not forgotten or abandoned me and still had plans for me.

Over January and February of 2020 I had personal prayer with Maurice and the Team at The Well. Each time I have encountered God in a very real and powerful way. Many of the past traumas and resultant effects upon me throughout my Police Service have been and are still being healed by God through the very special, gifted and anointed people at The Well, in addition to some powerful healing through generational prayer.

I have been amazed by God and how He speaks through the words given each time I go. They are just so right for me personally. It’s like God himself speaking directly into my circumstances and situation.

Also, throughout this very different year, I have been able to navigate retirement and all the effects of the virus upon our lives by regularly signing up to the Quiet Mornings, which have been just phenomenal. I find that that through the teaching and materials of each one, God has continued to have His hand firmly on me and continues to speak and encourage at just the right time.

Two memorable days were in January, when Anne asked us to explore our hopes for 2020 and express them before the Lord in whatever way we wanted. This turned out to be more significant that I could have ever realised. I have felt able to express worship through a different medium like never before, in the use of colour and drawing.

The 18th June was another special day for me, which brought the birth of my first grandchild and happened to coincide with me being on a Quiet Morning about fear, worry and anxiety. As it happened, the weeks leading up to the birth had been a very anxious time for me, as my daughter had had a few health issues during her pregnancy and the unborn baby had not been growing particularly well.

However, during the morning I experienced God’s overwhelming peace and such freedom from the previous fears that had so affected me. Again I heard that whisper of assurance that everything would work out fine, and it did. A wonderful baby girl was born that night.

I cannot thank my God and the work of The Well enough. What an amazing place, so used by Him. I would encourage anyone to visit. You won’t regret it.

I would like to thank the Well and my personal intercessors for healing ministry.

I attended for a personal prayer time on 12 April 2017

I had been suffering from macula oedema in my right eye since September 2016. This probably arose from radiation damage during radiotherapy following the successful removal of a skull tumour in September 2014.

God is good and a leading ophthalmologist sought treatment for me, even though it was hard to set up because there seemed to be no clear pathway to support the treatment of people with macula oedema caused by radiation damage. This was because there were so few of us nationwide.

The treatment involved monthly injections into the damaged eye. Between September and November 2016 there was some degree of healing before injections.began. However from November 2016 to April 2017 scans showed a worsening of the condition each month.

We had a lot of prayer support from family and friends and carried on in faith despite the worsening of my vision. In April I was given the option of receiving another injection or going onto monitoring only, given my eye’s lack of response to treatment at that time.

I feel that God gave me wisdom and I asked for another injection. That was on 11 April and the day after I had an appointment for personal healing prayer at the Well.

The two prayer intercessors who welcomed me and my husband were very kind, wise and godly in their approach and their healing ministry was rooted deeply in God’s word. I also knew that they would keep my personal details in confidence, something I have not experienced with all intercessors.
They prayed graciously for my physical healing and for the removal of any psychological and spiritual blocks that might hinder healing. There was a sense of peace.

The May monthly consultation at the Eye Hospital did not run. However my vision was tested by the nursing and scan teams on 28 May 2017. At this point I had had no medical treatment since 11 April but I had had intercessory and healing prayer. My reading chart result had improved by two or more lines praise the Lord!

I continually thank God for His grace

I’d had a car accident and been off work for three months.

I had been suffering quite a bit of hip pain and then it aggravated an old injury in my back which had been hanging around for a few years.

The pain was quite bad and the week before I was due back at work I came to The Well for prayer.

In my appointment, they prayed first about the car accident and I hadn’t realised how scared I still felt about it. I confessed to this fear and then stood up straight for the first time in months and had a feeling of total freedom and joy!

Then they prayed about my lower back and I felt something shift a bit.

In the car going home I told my friend my back was fine. It was really exciting but I still felt a bit unsure whether it really was fixed and wondered why God had bothered healing me when He had so much to do.

When I got home I phoned a friend who has arthritis to tell her what happened as she was someone who knows what it means to even get half a day without pain.

I woke up the following morning and it was bad again but then I remembered Anne had said about the need to keep praying.

Over the next few days the pain came back a few times – only as niggles and not so bad as it was – but I would pray in the knowledge that God had absolutely healed me and it would go again.

It’s been really good to go back to work. I have gone back on a graded return but it’s been fine.

I’ve been looking in the Bible more and more and I feel I should be praying more for other people.

At Streams in the Desert we were praying for people with pain in their shoulders. I joined in praying for the woman in front of me. The lady had fibromyalgia but said her pain in shoulder and arm had gone completely after the third time we prayed.

I can see now how important it is to have the faith to keep praying. I’m still getting some pain every now and again but when I pray in faith it goes again.

I continually thank God for his grace!

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