You Shall Be Like A Well-Watered-Garden Quiet Morning

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Date(s) - 12/09/2020
10:00 am - 12:45 pm

Zoom Meeting


Come and join us via Zoom for another Well Quiet Morning online!

Thursday 3rd September or Saturday 12th Sept at 10am-12.45pm

…And you shall be like a well-watered garden!


Yahweh will always guide you where to go and what to do. He will fill you with refreshment even when you are in a dry, difficult place. He will continually restore strength to you, so you will flourish like a well-watered garden and like an ever-flowing, trustworthy spring of blessing.

Isaiah 58:11 (TPT)

In the Spring, during lockdown, many of us had greater opportunities to tend to our gardens, whether a window box / hanging basket or a bigger plot. We have had time to stand still and reflect on God’s creation and to draw breath. Perhaps we have excavated, pruned and even redesigned our gardens. And maybe at the same time we have looked within our own spirit and contemplated what is growing there.

Now, as many lockdown restrictions have been lifted and 2020’s Autumn will soon be here, how can we make sure that we continue to spend time with our heavenly Father, who is the greatest gardener ever!

Isaiah 58:11 tells us that God’s heart is for His people to be like a well-watered garden which is lush and fruitful. It says that the way into God’s best for us is to trust Him and follow His Word. Taking this “well-watered garden” image, Anne will use Bible passages, images and videos to explore how we can grow and flourish spiritually in this new post-lockdown season.


10am. Welcome, Intro and preparation for silence

10.15am Talk

10.40am. Individual quiet reflection using an optional Well Handout

11.25am Talk Two

11.50am. Individual quiet reflection using an optional Well Handout

12.35pm Conclusion

12.45pm End


Members of the Well’s Prayer Team may be able to offer short 10-minute online prayer appointments.

Please book a place by contacting Jim on 01926 888003 or emailing him or book via our website

There will be no charge for this event, but if you would like to give The Well a donation then this would be great!

Comments from Guests who attended our first Quiet morning recently.


  • “The times of reflection were brilliant. It’s great that there were the various ‘tools’ to help us – the relaxing pictures, music, the handouts with guided exercises, and the prayer teams – all of which were a great blessing. I really love the handouts.” AB
  • “How peaceful. A re-set button!” AC
  • “A blessed pit stop!” B


This event is fully booked.

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