A Gentle Invitation to Encounter God

Over the last few months we have paused and prayed, to discern what direction God wants The Well to go in the future. We are delighted to give you an update of what’s been going on while we’ve paused prayer ministry this summer and invite you to join us as we open our doors again in September!

Our vision has always been to see people encounter the healing, transformative love and power of God, and I believe we have been faithful to the vision God has given us. We want to encourage people to make time and space for Him before receiving prayer ministry when they come to The Well. Time to rest in God’s Presence and space for the Holy Spirit to move and speak to hearts, leading people to Jesus – who is the Healer. We are filled with faith for what Father God wants to do!

After much discussion and planning with the team, we have opened our doors, with some exciting changes to The Well. Here is a glimpse of what to expect.


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Firstly, before receiving prayer ministry, we have transformed our main hall at 20 Augusta Place into a space dedicated for people to encounter God for themselves. What does that look like? Imagine a space that’s inviting for all, a safe place where people can just “be” and meet with God each in their own way. Guests will be welcomed into The Well and have time to come into this space and meet with God before they receive prayer.

Secondly, I am delighted to say we have opened up our doors again to drop-in guests! Whenever we are open, people will be free to join the encounter space in the main hall and receive prayer from our wonderful team – all without making an appointment.

Finally, we are of course continuing our regular prayer ministry alongside this and guests will be able to book a prayer appointment in the usual way. For our new guests, we are offering the ability to speak and pray with some of our team before making a prayer appointment. Our team will be equipped to point them towards the kind of prayer ministry that would be best for them or, if necessary, another organisation that is able to support them too.

Please do continue to pray for us, and join us in stepping into the new thing God has for all of us. With Him, it only gets better!