Pathway through Sleep talks available for download!

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Sleep is critical for our health and wholeness, and yet many of us struggle to go to sleep or actually stay asleep. Every human being, including Jesus when He was on earth, needs sufficient unbroken, good quality sleep in order to recover energy for the next day. The Bible is very clear that sleep is a gift from God and encourages us to cast our anxieties on God as we lie down to rest. But too often sleep evades us. Why is this, and why does a bad night’s sleep so effect our health and well-being?

During this Pathway event, Sally will share with us the science about sleep. She will teach on the different stages of sleep and the healing that should naturally happen, explaining how sleep affects our emotional health, learning and creativity ability as well as fertility, and offering practical suggestions about how we can begin to enjoy restful and restorative sleep.

You can purchase a recording of this online teaching event using the button below. If you would like the accompanying handouts which were sent to Guests before the day, please email and we will send you them as soon as we can. Resources include a selection of night-time prayers, and an infographic on what can improve your sleep patterns.


Buy now: £8.00

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