Listening to God recordings free online – from 2017 and back

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On this page you can listen to Russ Parker and other speakers completely free!

The recordings are listed from most recent, along the right hand side of the page.


During this time of social isolation you might find yourself wanting to spend time meditating on God’s word. Listening to God conferences, as Rev. Anne Hibbert describes them, “are about resourcing Christians, taking us into a deeper relationship with God and helping us become the men and women He wants us to be.”


We have uploaded the Listening to God conferences which were recorded as early as 2011 – the earliest recordings that we could find! – so you can listen to the teachings of these incredible speakers at home whenever you like.

To learn more about these Listening to God conferences and what they have been doing since 2002, please follow this link. It is also where you can find future Listening to God events to book once we are able to organise them again.