Experiencing the Heavenly Realms LTG with Stuart Lees – recordings available

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Our Speaker

 Stuart Lees has been Vicar of ChristChurch, Fulham, since 1997 and is a national leader for Jesus Ministry.

Jesus Ministry supports and encourages church leaders, runs conferences and Living Free courses, takes team on ministry trips both at home and overseas, and trains ‘Freedom Prayer’ teams.

About this Listening to God Teaching Day

 Stuart is an outstanding teacher who has the amazing ability to make sense of God’s supernatural realm: to make it accessible and to help us to understand why we need to live there.

Throughout what was an exciting day of teaching and prayer activations, Stuart helped us to understand how we can walk into freedom, based on what the Bible says about our identity and authority in Jesus Christ.

Stuart shared Biblical teaching about how, as humans, we live in both the natural realm that we perceive with our senses, and the unseen spiritual realm. He explained how, as Christians,  God has “raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus” (Eph. 6.2), and how we can learn to exercise our spiritual authority in Christ.

Through this ‘Listening to God’ day, Stuart equipped us for a supernatural lifestyle and empower us to rise up and break out of our own sin patterns and strongholds.

He also demonstrated how to activate the prophetic gifts that God has for each of us, before giving us opportunities to pray for each other using prophetic words of life that help us to live in God’s original design for our lives!

The Well is pleased to announce that the talks from this day can now be downloaded and includes all three talks. The price of £8.00 which includes an MP3 of all three talks. Once your order has been received we will also send you an electronic version of hte handouts which were used on the day.

When you make a purchase you will be asked for your email address and credit card details, once the transaction is complete you will be emailed a link which will allow you to download an MP3 recording of the event. Please note the recording is over 3 hrs long (split into three sessions) and so the file is quite large and will take a few minutes to download.

Should you experience any difficulties please contact the office at The Well.

Alternatively you can order the talks on a CD by calling the office. This will cost £12 to cover the production and postage costs.

Here is the download for the Pathway talks which took place at The Well.

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