Pathway through Pornography talks available for download!

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Paula and Justin explain what it means to be addicted to pornography, the cycle of addiction and the biological and psychological aspects of addiction. They talked about the shame that people feel about their use of pornography and its impact on their lives, as well as on the lives of their partners. Paula and Justin also shared a Christian perspective on pornography addiction, and unpacked some tools that can be used on the journey to overcoming addiction.

The Well is pleased to announce that the talks from the Pathway day on the 22nd February 2020 can now be downloaded and includes all four talks as well as the Q&A Session the price of £15.00 which includes an MP3 of the talks and we will also send, on completion of your order, the accompanying handbook.

When you make a purchase you will be asked for your email address and credit card details, once the transaction is complete you will be emailed a link which will allow you to download an MP3 recording of the event. Please note the recording is over 3 hrs long (split into four sessions) and so the file is quite large and will take a few minutes to download.

Should you experience any difficulties please contact the office at The Well.

Here is the download for the Pathway talks which took place at The Well.

Buy now: £8.00

Speakers Biographies

Paula Hall is a psychotherapist and author, and has been specialising in helping people affected by sex and pornography addiction for over 15 years. Paula is widely recognised as the UK’s leading expert in this field, and frequently speaks in the media as well as training other professionals.

Paula also campaigns for better education and social responsibility to protect others from falling into the sexual addiction trap. She believes that overcoming sex addiction requires compassion, commitment and courage, and she adopts these principles personally in her therapeutic approach. The recovery model that she has developed is now internationally recognised. Her publications include ‘Confronting Porn: A comprehensive guide for Christians struggling with porn and churches wanting to help them’.

Justin Marsh is a qualified relationship therapist and holds specialisms in both Sex Addiction and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Justin has a warm and friendly approach to therapy, is able to put people at ease and is confident in the potential that clients have within themselves to achieve active and ongoing recovery. Justin facilitates recovery programmes for both men and women struggling with addictive and compulsive sexual behaviours, and for their partners. He has developed the successful online video conferencing recovery groups, training and supervising group facilitators, as well as continuing his work with individuals and couples.