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Ransomed, Healed, Restored, Forgiven

J.John (Revd Canon) has been an evangelist for 39 years. He has spoken at conferences, universities and in towns and cities across 69 countries on 6 continents. This has included 36 series of Just10, re-examining the Ten Commandments, where the combined attendance exceeded one million people. In 2017 he launched JustOne at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium in London, and JustOne events are being conducted throughout the UK.

Evangelist, minister, speaker, broadcaster and writer, J.John communicates the Christian faith in a practical way. He has written several books across a range of subjects including the ‘Theology For Little People’ series to help children understand biblical truth.

The Well is pleased to announce that whether you attended the Listening to God Conference on the 9th February 2019 or not you can now download all three of J Johns sessions for only £8.00. Listen to J John’s themes of “Look Up”, “Look In” and “Look Out” delivered as only J John can. His humour and insights to help you develop a closer relationship with God.

When you make a purchase you will be asked for your email address and credit card details, once the transaction is complete you will be emailed a link which will allow you to download an MP3 recording of the event. Please note the recording is just under 3 hrs 20 minutes long (split into three sessions) and so the file is quite large and will take a few minutes to download.

Should you experience any difficulties please contact the office at The Well.


Buy Now - £8.00


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