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What a Wonderful World!

17 October 2014

OK Lord, I Stand in Awe! was the title of yesterday’s Quiet Day. This is exactly what happened. Right from the start the Holy Spirit was moving around us and opening the eyes of our hearts to God’s amazing creation.

This was the first time I’ve done any serious teaching on Job, and I particularly focused on the four chapters at the end when God speaks to Job out of the storm. These chapters are really about the astonishing intricacies of God’s creation. I supported my talk with four videos: of animals; the sky at night; lightning; and God’s beautiful world. These four helped me bring home the greatness of God, and enabled us to focus on looking up rather than down, and to say: “Wow! What a wonderful world.” We often take it for granted.

This week I met a photographer who specialises in taking pictures of the night sky. He gave me a power-point presentation based upon the words of the song “Indescribable” – I used it in my talk and to me it was God’s gift.

As I write these words I’m in Bath. I travelled down here via the Fosse Way and it was an inspirational journey as the colours of autumn were rich and intense.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do tomorrow in the second Quiet Day on this theme!


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