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What a day it turned out to be!


What a week it has been! On Tuesday afternoon the Guest I was due to pray with had to cancel their appointment and it looked like my colleague and I would have nobody to pray with… but God had other ideas and brought to us two people who would have had their breakfast that day knowing nothing about The Well!

The first was a woman who had gone to see a counsellor but had arrived to find she wasn’t in the diary and couldn’t see anyone.

She was desperate and ended up in Jephson Gardens where she cried out to God that she needed someone to talk to.

A little while later she came out of the gardens opposite The Pump Rooms, saw our blue sign outside and came in, not knowing anything about us – and had a very special appointment!

Our second guest had an equally remarkable story to tell. He is from Birmingham but was in Coventry to meet up with a friend and mentioned how life was tough at the moment.

The friend just happened to have a Well leaflet in her bag and gave it to him, told him the bus he needed to get to Leamington and over he came!

So, wow, from no Guest to two Guests who arrived due to a sign and an acquaintance who had a leaflet! Thank you Father!

Right, I must away now for a management meeting where we will be looking at our events coming up. Our Mark Stibbe day has sold out but we are also looking ahead to our training course for people who want to pray for healing for others and to our next Quiet Days, which are a fresh look at one of our most popular, previous themes – Soaring on Eagle Wings.

So I am very excited about these – and also that on our wonderful new website you can book online for them at any time day or night, as people have already started doing. Hooray!

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