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IN last week’s article, not only did I confess to how challenging I found it stepping into the blogging hot seat when Anne’s on holiday but I also spoke of a special project and headlined the piece Stand by for action.

That sense of mystery was quite deliberate as we were on the verge of a giant leap forward for The Well but I couldn’t spell it out just in case things didn’t quite go to plan.

But I’m delighted to say the day went well and hopefully you are reading this on our new-look website!

We’ve spoken about it for a while, we’ve given a glimpse of it in our newsletter but now, thanks to a grant and lots of hard work from all concerned, it’s now up and running!

We’d love to hear what you think of it – we’re still building it up all the time but already you can see what we do and can also book online for our Quiet Days, Training Courses and many other events.

So a big thanks to Neil from the company which designed and built it and now it’s… over to you!!!

And in other news... Anne's back next week...

Take care,



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