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We have an amazing God!


‘It’s amazing!’ was the exclamation of a Guest this week.

After her prayer appointment I intercepted her in the waiting area. She was beaming!

As we chatted it was very evident that God had met with her as she just kept on saying, ‘It’s amazing!’

She had experienced the power of God’s healing love in her life!

During our lives we pick up all sorts of emotional baggage and often we don’t deal with it at the time.

So years later we are carrying this baggage, along with other baggage we have picked up on our travels through life.

It is a known fact that our emotional life often affects our physical wellbeing.

At The Well we provide a safe, confidential and prayerful space where Guests can talk about hard and difficult past experiences.

We have many opportunities to help them do what we call ‘cross’ prayer work where they can unburden themselves and receive God’s forgiveness and cleansing where necessary.

Often we encourage them to use stones and lay them at the cross.

It is then a powerful symbol for our Guests as they go out of the prayer booth and leave these difficult things behind.

They often feel much lighter in their spirit and this light is evident in their faces – and often physical healing is received.

We really do have an amazing God who cares for all aspects of our life and that includes the past.

This week has been a busy one, for as well as the usual Pump Rooms sessions, we have had training for our new trainees, an extra inner healing session and last night we had soaking prayer for pregnant women.

This was such a special time when once again God’s peace descended.

Now it’s a trustees meeting for me, followed by speaking at a women’s breakfast at St John’s Harborne tomorrow morning.

It’s all go but I just love it!!!

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