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Unusual Healing

Last Saturday I led a Quiet Morning for Coventry Diocese's Spirituality group.  It was held in a delightful old country Church called St Laurence in Meriden.  My talks were on Jesus the great Healer.  It was a very special time. 

Afterwards, I met a lady who shared that she had been healed that morning!  She had been pulled over by her dog  few weeks previously and hurt her left side and particularly her shoulder.  That morning she was in considerable paid as she drove to the church.  She told me that she nearly turned back as the pain in her shoulder was excruciating.  However, she carried on and during my first talk her shoulder made a 'noise' and it was healed!  She then demonstrated how she could swing her arms around like a windmill!  She was delighted and so was I.

Praise God for Jesus' healing power.

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