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Underpinned with prayer


THIS is Anne stepping into the blogging hot seat again after a couple of Fridays away!

I had a lovely time but it was good to return and be busy, busy, busy at The Well!

We all came back after the Bank Holiday weekend to our usual prayer ministry sessions and then on Wednesday afternoon we had a superb prayer meeting ahead of our Mark Stibbe conference on September 15.

A group of about ten of us spent an hour-and-a-quarter together in The Well office underpinning the conference with prayer and it was a really special time.

I am very excited about the conference and I’ve been thinking about how it could really be quite life-changing for some people.

I’m sorry to be saying all this when the day is sold out but it is so encouraging to see how so many people have booked and we would welcome you all to join us in praying for the day.

With all the other preparations going on, this will be another shorter-than-usual piece but I must just bring yet more news of Alfie, my rabbit.

While I was away he stayed with a friend at a home he’s been to before. One evening my friend looked all round her garden and in the shed and couldn’t find him anywhere.

Knowing she may have a very difficult phone call to make to me - and having spotted a small hole in the fence - she then knocked on her neighbours’ doors and organised a search party. But still no sign of Alfie.

The something prompted her to go upstairs and there, on the landing and looking very comfortable indeed, was Alfie!

He had never been upstairs before in his life with me so this was a real surprise and not a one-off – for the rest of his stay he abandoned his usual outdoor life and as soon as he came out of the shed each day he’d take the first opportunity to go inside and head upstairs to his new favourite spot!

Talking of surprises we do keep an eye on the world going by from our office window and yesterday were amazed to see somebody get a very expensive car stuck on some railings in the car park opposite.

It was quiet extraordinary – but in the spirit of outreach I took the driver a cup of coffee and biscuits while he waited to be rescued!

So that's all for this week... just to say how thrilled I am about our new website and how pleased I am that people have already started booking online for our training course, art workshop and more - it's such a great addition to how we can connect with people!


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