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Two terrific tales of healing!


IT is always interesting to hear how new guests at The Pump Rooms found out about The Well and this week such a conversation prompted a wonderful story.

A guest I spoke to said they had come as a result of God healing her friend, who had come to The Well for prayer three weeks before.

The friend was unable to walk from the car park and had been brought in a wheelchair - but after her appointment she was able to push the wheelchair back to the car park!

It was an amazing story and we hope to tell you more of it soon!

There was another unexpected boost yesterday when somebody came to see me who had been to our last Quiet Day in April on Our God of All Comfort.

She has created a picture which is full of meaning and symbolism.

Apparently on the Quiet Day she had gone out with a copy of the Walking with God in Jephson Gardens leaflet we create specially for each of the days.

She was unable to go beyond the bridge which is right at the start, the reason being Jephson Gardens is a place of great memories particularly spent with her mother, who passed away 16 years ago.

Since then she has been unable to enjoy the gardens, however God spoke to her very vividly as she looked at the still water on one side of the bridge and the rushing water on the weir side.

As she looked, the still, now stagnant water seemed to represent her grief and loss but as it tumbled down the weir her sorrow was washed away by the rushing waters, which for her represented the Holy Spirit.

She then told me that last Sunday she took a huge step by returning with her husband to finish the walk from her leaflet. She tentatively explored Jephson Gardens and she had the most amazing sense of joy and peace.

God has brought a huge amount of healing into her life and she has crossed the ‘bridge’ of her grief and despair and is now in the ‘garden’, enjoying God’s creative delights.

Hearing how helpful the leaflet has been has certainly given me great enthusiasm for when I write the one for next month’s Quiet Days!

Today I am preparing for Streams in the Desert on Monday and I can’t wait to speak on Women and wholeness as I will be drawing on my reflections and experiences from my three-week personal development break.

I have been reading a Bill Johnson book, Release the Power of Jesus, which talks about the power of testimony and for this reason I have got three women testifying to God’s amazing healing in their life, in my talk.

I’m praying that as they share what God has done for them, it will build faith and expectancy and we will experience God’s healing power too!

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