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Two inspirational tales to tell...


MORE than 40 Well team members past and present gathered with many others at Christ Church in Leamington on Wednesday morning to give thanks to a very special man – John Hadden, who sadly died on 19th January, aged 88 years.

As I have said in a previous blog he was a mighty man of God and like a spiritual father to me - and has helped me ginormously as I have set up The Well.

It was fascinating hearing about his life from his family.

I and many Well members only knew him for just ten years but even at this stage of his life he was just as passionate about God as he was in his early years.

One of the songs, Pour Out Your Spirit, was introduced by his son-in-law as a song John sang with great gusto and expectancy.

It was hard to sing, as it was so easy to imagine John’s voice in full flow, with such stirring words:

‘Our passion is for You Lord Jesus
Your grace has fuelled a fire
That burns within our hearts
There’s nowhere that compares with Your presence…’

It really did sum up John’s desire. John was a tremendous role model of a man living his whole life for God and one who expected to see the power of God in action every day!

We will never forget him and I thank God for the short time I knew him!

JUST to end with… over the last few weeks we have had a number of guests visit from a particular town.

We discovered this week why they are visiting us.

Apparently a Guest visited who was very sick with inoperable cancer. We prayed for her.

On her next visit to the oncologist she had a scan. To the consultant’s surprise the cancerous tumour had shrunk.

He decided he could operate and that person is now recovering. She has told her friends about The Well and they are now visiting too!

Thank you Father-God!


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