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To God be the glory...


GREETINGS from Well HQ – this is one of those occasional Fridays when Richard is stepping into Anne’s shoes (not my style, to be honest) and updating her Annotations blog.

Anne is taking a well-deserved breather between our two Quiet Days on You Will Be Like A Well-Watered Garden.

The first of these was yesterday, Thursday, when many of us were challenged by the fog as we headed for Christ Church in Leamington.

It has always been part of our vision that people will come from far and wide and on this occasion they still did, battling through some rather horrible weather on the way.

But as the day went on the sun broke through and it turned into a really warm day, ideal for those who took the option to go for a walk in Jephson Gardens but also illuminating Christ Church with its high ceilings and big windows.

It certainly seemed to be a special day and was rounded off by a drive home along the Fosse Way, the morning fog having been replaced by a glorious sunset.

I’m sure Anne will want to say more about both yesterday and tomorrow’s days, plus something of the rest of The Well’s week, so will be doing so on Monday – and then will be back again, as normal, on Friday, March 9.

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