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The tumour disappeared!


IT is always amazing when a guest comes to tell us about what God has done and we were thrilled when somebody called into The Pump Rooms this week to share some wonderful news. They also wrote it out as a testimony, which I want to share with you today:

"I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May 2011.

Doctors tried to operate but they couldn’t get it out. I have been undergoing treatment for cancer ever since!

I came to The Well and had such a peaceful and wonderful afternoon.

I have recently had an MRI scan which shows that the tumour has ‘disappeared’.

My doctor admitted to me that it was a miracle and that they had put me on to a treatment plan to simply prolong my life just a little longer.

The tumour was so large and it was an aggressive type and they weren’t expecting it to shrink at all, let alone vanish!

I have seen the scans and it is pretty amazing to see the before and after pictures.

I wanted to come back and say a big thank you for those who prayed for me and for those who came with encouraging pictures for me.

Praise God – He loves to heal!"

I think this story says it all for this week!!

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