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The Three Golden Keys That Define Our Work and Healing

22 May 2015

I was looking again at the three large golden keys which I was given back in October 2002. Each is about six inches long. When they were presented it was a defining moment for me, as up until then I hadn’t said ‘yes’ to God about starting The Well. Each key has a meaning. One has a scroll, and represents the Word of God; I was told that all that we do in The Well must be based on the Word of God and that alone. Another, which has a cross on it, represents that Christ is still the great Healer and Deliverer. And the third is a symbol for the Alpha and Omega. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for ever more. As I was given them my spirit leapt inside me and I found myself saying, “Ok God I will do it!”

Today these keys still define our work and ministry. This week one of our Guests who is undergoing major hospital treatment said that we will never know the extent of the lifeline which we are to them. Each time they visit, their hope for the future is renewed. Another Guest who came in this week with jaw problems and severe pain has been healed. She is pain free and has freedom of movement!

Each week we seek to press into Jesus’ healing power and love. In one of our worship times this week we studied Acts 9:32-43 (two amazing miracles!) A verse that caught my eye was verse 34 when Peter very simply says, “Jesus Christ heals you.” We are very privileged in The Well to know that Jesus still heals today!


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