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The Master Potter!


‘I THOUGHT I was too broken for use – now I feel there is hope.’


We always invite guests at our Quiet Days to give us feedback and I felt for this week’s blog I could do no better than share some of the reactions to yesterday’s first one of 2012, on Letting God the Master Potter Mould You in 2012.

Once again the office has been a hive of activity as we prepared for what we always hope will be a chance for people to encounter God – and it is wonderful to then hear how He has been at work!

So can I take this chance to share with you some more of the feedback, as we prepare to run it again tomorrow – both of these days have sold out but if you would like to come on a Quiet Day, our next ones are not far away, on March 1 and 3.

We ask a number of questions, one of which is, How has God spoken to you?

Here are some of the responses:

‘He revealed something I needed prayer for, to let go of.’

‘It built as the day went on – as I tuned in more I heard Him better!’

‘Powerfully feel there is a light at the end of my tunnel of grief.’

‘In the cold light of Jephson Gardens, on a bench after the first talk, I wrote what God was prompting: it’s easier for me to ‘put on’ than ‘take off’! I need to declutter before I can take on and receive more. Then in the second talk God, through Anne, said the same thing again.’

‘Showed me the need to let go of past pain.’

‘He has enveloped me and reminded me of some central and grounding truths, calmed my anxiety and given me peace.’


Thank you God!


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