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The Light of God

The Light of God

Last Sunday in my local church service a Farmer was baptised. Although we are an Anglican Church we offer adult baptisms by full immersion as we have a real full size sheep dip!

The friend who joined me was fascinated by this especially as a Farmer was going to be dipped! Before the Farmer was baptised he gave a short talk about his spiritual journey and how he became a Christian. I was absolutely delighted to hear that The Well played a big part in helping him to find God. He came for prayer several times. On one of the occasions whilst the Prayer Team was praying for him he saw a great light. He knew God was within that light. It was a profound experience for him. This encouraged him to find a local Alpha group.

I was so pleased to hear his story which he told publicly, as right for the start of the Well one of our values is to be a "gateway into the local church.' Praise God that we were exactly this for the farmer!

As I write this blog I am sitting looking out across Loch Fyne. Once again I am visiting friends who live in a little fishing village called Tarbert in Argyll. It's absolutely beautiful here.

Yesterday I had a super time talking to Father God looking across the expanse of water. It reminded me of His greatness and knowledge of all things and how He can see the big picture.

This has encouraged me as next week (24 & 25 Feb) we are unable to use the Pump Rooms for ministry so we will be at Christ Church. Our desire is to press into the provision and resources of God to see whether it's time for us to have our own building. We would value your prayers as we do this.

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