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The Holy Spirit moved powerfully!


WE had a fabulous Quiet Day yesterday where the Holy Spirit moved powerfully among us – and the sun shone all day!

We had several new guests who had never been on a Well Quiet Day before and this is, in part, what one of them said:

‘I would need two hours and a ream of paper to describe and explain how great this day has been – every single moment has been incredible.’
‘Worth every second of the two hour train ride. Thank you so much.’
‘Found you through a Google search for Christian retreats at my lowest point just two days ago – a divine appointment.’


I also met another lady who had been on one of our Gideon Quiet Days in May and during the closing session yesterday she shared how God had healed her of a terrible buzzing that she had constantly in her head.

At that May Quiet Day she had a 15 minute prayer appointment and God healed her – and she doesn’t get the buzzing any longer.

Wow! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s Quiet Day to see what God does!

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