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The Great Escape


IT was a scene Steve McQueen would have been proud of.

Monty, my cat who’s so laid back he appears comatose for much of the day, was staying with friends while I had a few days away last weekend.

Out in their back garden, Monty had been tormented by a robin which kept appearing and bobbing along just out of reach.

And then the torment got all too much for him.

The robin reappeared, bobbed along and hopped over the fence into a neighbour’s garden.

Monty leapt into action after him and unexpectedly found himself going over the fence as well, missing the robin but now stranded in a strange place.

My friends happened to be watching as this drama unfurled and after the initial surprise at seeing Monty fly through the air and disappear, quickly launched a rescue mission.

Being new to the area, their first contact with the neighbours at the back was thus to be knocking on the door hoping to rescue my cat!

Alas, the right people weren’t in but eventually they found somebody next door to them who understood their dilemma and lent them a stepladder to get over and retrieve Monty.

That, of course, was the very moment the owners arrived home to find a strange man climbing into their garden!!!

That took some explaining but thankfully Monty’s gentle manner and beautiful blue eyes won the day – yes, he is beautiful but he’s also a very naughty boy!

As well as hearing those adventures, I was also back in time for a busy week in Ministry, starting on Tuesday afternoon when we had lots of extra appointments and a majority of men coming for prayer - and ending with an extra session on Wednesday afternoon, when we held a series of beginnings prayer appointments at a different venue.

That extra session will be running again next week as we look to pray for as many people as we can!

There were some really special times along the way and a number of new guests, including a couple who had come from Nottingham.

I then headed in that direction yesterday evening when I spoke at a Women Alive event in Rothley near Loughborough.

The question I was asked to respond to was, ‘Does God heal today?’ and I was able to talk from my own experience, talk about the background to The Well and say God does heal.

I also said I don’t know why God doesn’t answer all our prayers – but it’s really important to continue to ask Him!

I really felt it was a great privilege to be able to speak about The Well and to say, ‘Yes, he does heal!’.

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