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The changing of the seasons...


IN the last few days we’ve had a rich variety of weather, which was remarkably appropriate for the theme of our two quiet days on, ‘You will be like a well-watered garden’.

They took place on Thursday and Saturday and a key part of the talks was exploring the importance of the changing of the seasons in our gardens and in our spiritual lives.

So though it’s full of vibrancy and new life, we can’t always live in springtime and have to move on to the fruitfulness of summer, then to autumn and on again to winter when the earth rests.

We may think nothing is happening in winter but in the ground that is when seeds are germinating ready to burst forth with new growth!

So you can’t have spring and summer without autumn and winter – I would choose to live in spring but just as the earth needs four seasons, so do we!

I shared how for 5-6 years I lived in winter and just as CS Lewis wrote, it was always winter and never Christmas.

But then in 2000 in Toronto, Father God’s love melted my winter and spring happened big time as he gave me a vision for Streams in the Desert, Listening to God and The Well.

That all came out of a winter I’d been stuck in – wow!

We asked people to consider which season they were in, to consider the positive aspects and opportunities presented by each stage of their spiritual journey and it seemed to have a really great impact.

I’d love to share some of the comments on the feedback forms we received:

‘God showed me that He wants to bring me from winter to spring.’

‘I realised I am in spring. Although I came tired, God showed me that the springs are bubbling below!’

‘God can supply all my needs in every season and will bear fruit in every season – different seasons bear different fruit.’

‘God has spoken to me powerfully through Anne’s words and the worksheets. Amazing.’

‘He has helped me to step back and see the bigger picture and how beautiful it is! He has encouraged me through being prayed for. He has reassured me.’

I wonder which season you’re in. Perhaps you want to reflect with Father God!

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