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The cat flap challenge


HOW do you get a cat through a cat flap?

I had a cat flap installed in my back door at home so Monty my cat would be able to come and go and be independent.

However, it’s proved a very stressful time and I spent a lot of the weekend on my hands and knees flipping the cat flap backwards and forwards!

Monty can now come in from outside but he is absolutely clueless about how to go out through it!

I was quite stressed about this but then given some encouragement that all will be okay during my week at The Well.

I believe God is amazing but at prayer ministry I was talking to someone who had heard me say it on a number of occasions - but didn’t get what I was saying and was quite frustrated each time I said it.

That was a bit of a shock but then she said she’d just had a very special prayer appointment and now she understood - and just wanted to celebrate that, yes, God is amazing!

That had been a block for her and I feel God must often get stressed with us when we let things get in the way – so I do hope before long Monty and his cat flap will not be such a problem as it felt last weekend!

Earlier in the week we had a brilliant evening at Streams in the Desert, with Penny Frank who spoke about Joshua - and a prayer activity which was our own experience of walking from the desert to the Promised Land.

It really felt like a healing time and though it was the last Streams meeting of the year, the programme is out for 2012 and copies are available from the office!

I had another special time yesterday evening when I ran a session for the prayer ministry team at M20, a group of churches in Rugby.

I had prepared for about 15-20 people but 26 turned up and it was a really great time!


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