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THIS is what people have said about an evening at Streams in the Desert

“Worship, peacefulness, prayer...”

“A place where I can be anonymous, don’t have to have a label.”

“An oasis of the Holy Spirit, a fun time to be together, a slice of heaven!”

“We close our housegroup for Streams and nearly all the girls come!”

“It’s God’s work, a sense of Him being in charge.”

“Special to me over all the years, I have visions of God and He has spoken to me many times.”

“In the worship I feel a great peace.”

“Unique for the area, we are so blessed, women feel comfortable, worship how you like!”

“I enjoy it. I make a point of coming.”

“To be able to hear God in women’s terms, He meets me as a woman.”

“God always speaks to me about something!”

“A place where I receive – I love it!”

“I feel fully immersed in God’s love.”

“I feel blessed here.”

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Join us on Streams evenings for

7.15pm Coffee
7.45pm Worship & Teaching
9.30pm Finish