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ON Sunday we held our Remembering Our Loved Ones service and it proved to be a very special time.

The idea came from our July quiet days last year on Ruth: A Journey of Loss and Healing - and we wanted to offer people chance to remember loved ones and ask for God’s strength and comfort in 2012.

It took place at St Paul’s Church in Leamington and we know of people who travelled considerable distances to be there, some coming alone, some with friends or family and others in a large family group.

One of the striking features of the service was the tree of life we had at the front of the church, with people given the opportunity to hang a small red heart on it with the name of the person they had come to remember - enabling us to then journey together in our grief.

There was also music, a reading, lighting of candles, a sharing of Bible verses and a talk.

Many people stayed afterwards for the tea and cakes on offer and we heard so many moving stories of how people had lost friends and family across the age range.

One of our pairs of quiet days this year will again look at loss and we will certainly look at doing another service.

Last week when writing about this I also mentioned we were preparing for the first quiet days of the year and we are now sold out for January – but if you were hoping to do a quiet day, it is only about five weeks until the next ones.

These are on Thursday, March 1 and Saturday, March 3, on the theme of, You Shall Be Like A Well-Watered Garden and you can book now.


ONE of the incredible things about The Well been the remarkable people God has drawn to it, many of them truly deserving the acclaim of unsung heroes in our story.

So it was with great sadness I heard that one of these special people, John Hadden, had died yesterday.

John has been an amazing supporter of The Well and has massively inputted into my life. I am still finding it hard to grasp that he is not here any more. He has been like an incredible, spiritual Dad to me.

John has really journeyed with us as The Well has grown and developed. He has come alongside us both as a Management Team and Trustees.

His wisdom, discernment and Bible teaching have all been such a gift to us.

And his love and experience of the Holy Spirit has been infectious! John leaves a massive hole but a great legacy in so many lives and communities!

He is now with his Lord and God and he is in, ‘a place where there is no more death or mourning or crying or pain’.

John was a great worshipper and now he can do that for eternity!


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