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Soaring like eagles!


‘The DVD of the eagle who had been shot and then released - really spoke to me – set me free and healed.’

This is just one of the comments we received after our Quiet Day yesterday, Thursday, on Soaring on Eagle Wings. At the end of each day we invite people to fill in a feedback form and the comment above was a response to a question asking people what they enjoyed most about the day.

It certainly was a remarkable day at the end of a quite extraordinary week when we were short-staffed in the office but once again our wonderful volunteers came to the rescue!

So our normal ministry sessions still ran smoothly and we had everything in place for the Quiet Day as well – a big thank you to everybody who put in so many extra hours to make it all happen!

Today is a chance for some time out before tomorrow’s repeat of the day when we again hope God will be doing amazing things in our Guests’ lives!

The feedback forms we received yesterday highlighted it was a special day for many people so here are a few more highlights:

‘The opportunity to stop, to be still: to receive prayer.’

‘When I had prayer I felt very lifted up and blessed. Thank you!’

‘Everything – wonderful teaching, time to be quiet and get in touch with God, superb lunch, prayer time.’

‘Rivers of joy as I let go in the park, tapping into God’s humour as I saw the pigeons like us humans at times!’

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