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Soaking Prayer

SOAKING Prayer is for anyone who wants to spend some time in stillness with God and we are running regular sessions again throughout 2016!

These take place at Dormer Place Conference Centre in Leamington - a few minutes from The Pump Rooms - and offer an extended time when you can receive prayer for healing.

We start with a short talk on God’s love for us and then begin our actual soaking time. Guests are encouraged to relax, by sitting in a chair or lying down. With gentle music playing, the prayer team pray for each guest, either silently or softly during the 50 minutes of soaking time.

You might want to think of soaking prayer like this. Imagine the ground is hard and dry.  If there is a sudden rain shower the water runs off the ground. But if there’s a gentle rainfall over a long period of time the ground will slowly become moist and the water soaks in.

Sometimes it is beneficial to spend a longer period in prayer when we ask the Holy Spirit to gently touch those places which hurt inside because of illness, or stress or anxiety.

We ask you to bring a pillow and a blanket to make yourself comfortable and, if you want to lie on the floor, a mat.

We no longer do Soaking Prayer for pregnant women however we do encourage women that are pregant to attend our soaking prayer time. So that, our specially-trained team can quietly move around praying God’s blessing for you and your baby, for your health and wellbeing during pregnancy and birth, for your protection and safety and also for the destiny and future of your child.We believe the time a baby spends in their mother’s womb is a really important time physically, emotionally and spiritually.

2016 Calendar

Click here to download the 2016 Soaking Prayer leaflet and calendar of events


Recent comments about Soaking Prayer

We asked Guests to describe their Soaking Prayer experience

‘There is a tangible peace at Soaking Prayer.'

‘I don't know how to thank you for the love and support I have received from Soaking Prayer.’

‘Quality times with God. ’

‘I wouldn't have got through this year without it.’

'Soaking Prayer has helped me so much to overcome all the stress in my life'.