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Singing off the same hymn sheet


ALONG the way I try to highlight the various strands of what we do at The Well and this week I was really encouraged by a remarkable demonstration of the work of our watchmen.

As we pray for our Guests, we have a number of watchmen who do not know anything about the Guests and are not part of the appointment – but pray for them and may receive a verse or a picture for them.

Our watchmen have a variety of talents they use to express these and this week we had two people who were writing out any verses they were given.

I was in a very powerful appointment and was amazed as both watchmen passed over the same word from Psalm 121.

I later discovered there were two other occasions that morning when the watchmen, even though they didn’t communicate with each other, both gave the same verse!

I find it so inspiring that in The Well we’re all working together on the same page!

Last Saturday was our Pathway day looking at Fear and Anxiety and it was lovely to be back at St Mary’s Church in Leamington as this was where The Well held some of its earliest events before we opened to the public at The Pump Rooms.

It’s wonderful that the hard pews have now gone and been replaced with comfortable seats and a carpet. It proved a great venue and we were very grateful to the refreshment team from St Mary’s who served us so well during the day.

The feedback from the whole event was wonderful and positive. It was a day when people received teaching in the morning and then had chance to experience God in the afternoon.

Heather and I gave the talks and we were thrilled by the way the day unfolded and felt it was an immense privilege to be involved.

I’ll finish with a few of the comments from the feedback forms:

‘It was so helpful. I didn’t expect it to be relevant to myself but it was. Very professional.’

‘I stayed for the whole soaking prayer session. It was really good – I felt peace and also small challenges about things that need to change and God is working on.’

‘Felt the presence of the Lord wiping away all the fear and anxiety and realising how trivial they are compared with His love!’

‘Very relaxing! Prayer stations very helpful – I’m not usually comfortable with ‘making things’ but these activities with helpful.’

‘Brilliant, offering practical strategies and faith-based.’

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