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Simple and Beautiful

21 November 2014

These words were used to describe the Streams in the Desert event we held on Monday evening. I had chosen the title “Creative Advent Special”. I had spent hours putting together a visual presentation including video clips. However on the night my presentation froze and I was left with nothing. But praise God my heart’s desire and prayers for women to encounter God were answered. For within the candlelit church God’s Holy Spirit was at work. 

I started with a Taize song “Veni Sancte Spiritus” (Come Holy Spirit). It was incredibly moving and brought a real stillness. This was followed by bible readings about God’s love, and a special song called “Before the world began” sung by a Guest called Yvonne. Another Guest, Emma, gave a moving testimony about her life and how much it’s changed since she’s become a Christian. She described how she, having been through many difficulties in the past, now prepares for and celebrates Christmas. After this Gill and the Streams Band led us in worship. It was great to praise God for Jesus. Although I was extremely disappointed at the failure of our technology but it just shows that God doesn’t need this to make His presence known!

 Yesterday evening at Soaking Prayer for Pregnant Women, I heard a testimony from one of the ladies. Four years ago she came when she was expecting her second child. She was scared about the impending birth as she had experienced difficulties with her first child. We spent a long time praying for peace and a safe delivery. Yesterday, she shared that it was a “textbook delivery” and it was quick! She was so grateful for our prayers, and asked for the same this time!


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