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Sharing Your Story Releases Power

4 September 2015

I’m delighted to say we have updated our Testimonies folder in the Pump Rooms; this is where Guests tell their healing stories, because when anybody either shares in writing or speaks out how God has healed them, it releases power and faith in those who read or listen to the story. This Folder makes a fabulous read as Guests wait for prayer, and here’s a taster:

 “I feel so relaxed now, and the stress I came in with has dissipated. I actually heard God say, “Rest, my child; I am with you.” I have new vigour to go back and face my difficult situation. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to rest.”


 “One summer, I became very anxious about eating and would often vomit after a meal. After consulting a doctor, I found out that I had acid reflux and hyper-gut sensitivity. I was put on medication and this helped a lot, however I still had the mental hangover of associating food with being ill.

 “It wasn’t until I went to The Well that I was fully released from this burden. Also, through the power of prayer, I am no longer on the medication and am free from anxiety around food.

The Team at The Well are incredible and the presence of God at The Well is fantastic. I would like to thank the team once again for all they have done for me. And of course I thank God for all the work He is doing through The Well in healing so many people.”


“I’ve suffered from headaches for a long time. I usually wake up with them. I went to the Pump Rooms for prayer one afternoon recently. I had woken up with a headache that day, and it had just got worse through the day. While I was sitting there waiting for the Prayer Team to call me, my headache started to lift. It was so peaceful. When I went for prayer the headache disappeared. I haven’t had any since.”


Thank You, Lord!

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