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We had another super quiet day yesterday on Jesus Prince of Peace. One Guest wrote afterwards "I came feeling totally done in but I have left feeling refreshed and hopeful." Another wrote, "Jesus has provided me with comfort and peace deep within my spirit and has given me a simple and practical answer to something." My first talk unpacked the breadth of the word Shalom. It really is multi-faceted - as well as peace it means fulfilment, wholeness, well being, tranquility, completeness, harmony, absence of discord, and safety. Wow! Jesus is the Prince of Peace and He wants us to experience all these in our life! What an amazing God.

This week I met someone who is heavily pregnant. Apparently earlier this year she visited The Well for the first time on the recommendation of someone who lives over 200 miles away. This lady had been trying to get pregnant for a number of years with no success. Wonderfully within a week of having prayer she conceived! Praise God!

Some of you will know that a number of The Well team have been on a study tour in Israel. It was a fabulous time. We had a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee. It was wonderful knowing that Jesus often did this too. Isn't it amazing that our God chose to "become flesh and dwell among us"? It's a fact that we could spend a whole quiet day thinking about and would only be scraping the surface of what it cost Jesus and what it means for us today!

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