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Releasing the Healing Power of Jesus!


Bill Johnson from Redding California always expects God to do a healing miracle! And when he sees or hears about one Bill will tell absolutely everyone around him about it. In his own words he does this because, "every time you share a testimony with someone, it gives an invitation for listeners to taste of God's mercy for themselves!"

On this coming Monday evening at Steams I will be talking about Releasing the power of Jesus. I have invited three women to share their healing story within my talk as I don't just want to say God heals today but actually for everyone to actually hear real live examples of Jesus' power! There will be a testimony about a physical healing, an emotional healing and how a baby has been healed. Ladies, I do hope you can join us for this special event. We are praying that as the women's stories are told, faith will be released and more healings will happen! (More details about Streams are on this web site.)

Gentlemen, don't feel left out as you are invited to join us on our forthcoming Quiet days on healing on Thursday 26th and Saturday 28th September. As well as teaching about healing from the Bible there will be testimonies about what God has done in some of our Guests lives. In six hours God can do amazing things! Hear about one Guest's story when he attended our Healing Quiet day last year, click here to go back to the prayer for healing page to watch the dvd God Heals Today!

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