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Rainbows galore


WE got in the festive spirit this week, firstly with carols in the office with our neighbours and then when a lively group of Rainbows came to visit us yesterday!

They are from 10th Leamington St Mark’s Rainbows and certainly brightened up our afternoon.

They have come for a few years now at Christmas and bring us sackloads of refreshments we can use at The Pump Rooms for our prayer ministry and also at soaking prayer.

When people arrive for an appointment, a cup of tea and a nice biscuit can be the start of their healing journey, so these gifts really will make a difference!

I took a few mince pies down to yesterday’s final soaking prayer of the year, where we had decorated it specially for Christmas.

Somebody told me how it was the third time they had been and said it was an amazing place to come. They also said how every time they come they experience God and it lasts for a few days, so even though it was close to Christmas they wanted that experience again!

I thought, wow, that’s just how we want people to see soaking prayer!

We had some new visitors at The Pump Rooms this week, a family from Wolverhampton who had come for prayer and had a really good time – and really appreciated the warmth of the welcome.

So it was a very special week and our public activities now take a break. Our work goes on behind the scenes and then our prayer ministry, soaking prayer and this blog start again during the week beginning Monday, January 10.

So until then, I will share again this wonderful Gaelic blessing:

‘So may I wish you, my friends, joy in this coming year. Courage for the bad times, stamina for the good! I wish you the deep peace of Christ, who is the Light of the World. Even in the darkness there is always light. Behind the darkness, there is always light!’


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