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Praying Into the Secret Space of Our Beginnings

13 February 2015

It’s been quite a ‘Beginnings’ week for us!  Over the years we have developed a prayer which prays into the nine months we spent in our mother’s womb.  Sometimes this ‘secret space’ which Psalm 139 mentions is not always a safe special place where we can grow and be nourished in our spirit. Instead, any strong emotion which our mother experienced like anger, fear and anxiety or a challenging situation such as bereavement or an accident can devastate us emotionally and spiritually in the womb.  As soon as we are conceived our spirit starts recording our emotions. We obviously can’t remember anything about our time in the womb but our spirit does.

One of our Trainees observed a Beginnings appointment this week for the first time.  She was bowled over by what she saw God do in our Guest’s life. The Guest’s story came across as very ‘ordinary and normal’ yet when The Team came to pray within certain months, various negative emotions were released. Our Trainee was moved as she watched Father God gently minister into the Guest’s inner being.  As she told me ‘it was unbelievable what I saw God do and I can’t wait to see more’.

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