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We had a fabulous time last Saturday on our Pathway Day Through When Relationships Hurt. Pauline Andrew was on great form. I will let 5 guests below give their own feedback and what the day meant to them.

Don't forget that there is another Quiet Day on Saturday 22nd March 2014 on Following the Good Shepherd. There are still places available on this one.

"Today has been both insightful and enabling - has made me recognize how beneficial some deep healing would be in allowing me to move forward. One big massive thank you!!"

"Thought I was coming to learn how to help others better, but found it was myself our amazing Lord God was needing to speak to! Beautifully delivered, but spoken so gently, and humorously with such generous sharing of Pauline's own expertise. Notes enormously helpful, so I didn't have to try and write it all down."

"A lot of what was discussed I have heard before or been aware of, but presented in this step- by-step approach I felt it was useful in putting everything in perspective and a useful tool to let you know when you're on track or not.  It's also really good to acknowledge it's normal to have been hurt in relationships, in church as well as at home. Pauline is a wonderful teacher - easy to connect with and her understanding and commitment to see people healed is evident."

"It has helped me to gain a greater understanding of myself and others and encourage me to break out of my mould. Also to be kinder to myself. Hope to do the Anger teaching day on Saturday 4th October 2014 with Pauline Andrew too."

"The talk was delivered extremely well, with personal examples and sincere empathy.  The handout pack helped to 'keep track' and identify personal issues."


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