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Peace Unlimited!

Last night at Soaking Prayer our Guests once again rested in God’s love. I so enjoy these occasions as there is such a tangible presence of God’s love and peace. Many of our Guests are in challenging circumstances and it is an incredible privilege to stand on “Prayer Watch” for them as they rest in God’s arms. I spoke about the Power of Jesus’ name and how He has conquered fear and anxiety. Several Guests afterwards commented on how peaceful they felt as they had been able to hand over their inner “stuff” to Father God.

Tomorrow is part two of our Well Healing Course in Worcester. I can’t wait to see what Father God is going to do in our midst. We want to see and experience His healing power in our lives.

On Monday we have another Quiet day at Hampton Manor. I have chosen the theme of God being our Master Potter. I am looking forward to exploring this analogy with our Guests. Isn’t it an amazing thought that although God has created the Heavens and earth and His world is huge, yet He is mindful of us? Our very name is written on the palm of His hands!

Don’t forget we have our Come and See tours next week in the Building we are hoping to purchase. Do join us!

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