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Pathway to Peace

Pathway to Peace

We had a super Pathway to Peace teaching day last Saturday. 

'Light' was shining both outside and inside! It was wonderful using St Nicholas' newly refurbished Church after a serious fire a few years ago.  As one of our Guests commented, it is 'such a beautiful' environment'!

Pauline Andrew, our speaker, spoke passionately and powerfully about how our lives fall apart when we haven't had affirmation, love, security and acceptance in the different chapters of our life, especially in our early years.

Fear and anxiety creep in and peace evades us.  Her teaching was practical and gave us many tools on how to experience God's peace today. 

Below are comments from some of our guests:

"Very helpful - Quality time to reflect.  Opportunity for healing and release.  Useful tools to initiate change."

"Pauline was wise, profound, challenging and discerning. She delivered the content of the day with passion and deep personal commitment. Often what she spoke of struck a bell for me in my own experience."

"Very moving and powerful – may what Payuline has shared today be a significant step for many of us on our journey to freedom and peace."

"Pauline also helped me, through sharing experience from her own life and her teaching has given me pointers on how to manage panic or anxiety when it takes over."

I'll sign of now as we are getting ready for the second part of our Training course which is tommorrow.  Can't wait to see what Father-God will do!



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