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Pain Free!


As we prepare for Streams in the Desert next Monday 7th April with Rachel Hickson speaking, I’m pleased to share a testimony I’ve received this week about a healing that happened in our Streams meeting last year. Enjoy!

 “I was a nurse in 1959 when I damaged my back and right shoulder, causing considerable pain which had become worse with age. I found it painful to sit for prolonged periods, could not pick anything up from the floor without considerable effort, nor reach for something on a shelf above shoulder level, with my right arm. Getting up in the morning was laborious as I had to swing my legs round together and rise very slowly. I was taking medication to ease the pain amounting to 14 tablets a day.

On 16th September last year my neighbours Brenda and Alison took me and another friend to Streams in the Desert led by Revd Anne Hibbert – “Releasing the Healing Power of Jesus”. I had been to Streams once before and was moved by the worship and presence of the Holy Spirit.


We arrived after a journey of just over an hour – something I have always found a painful experience, sitting in the same position for any length of time, but I had taken my usual tablets at lunchtime and hoped I would be all right.


The meeting began and I was drawn into the praise and worship, moving in time to the music and was quite relaxed and fully involved, as Benda noticed! Anne said that when people testify about their healing, this in itself releases the power of Jesus. During the evening we heard several testimonies of women who had been healed including Anne. Towards the end we prayed for healing for each other.


The excellent meeting ended and we made our way back to the car and I got in without thinking about my problem. We chatted all the way home about the evening and when we arrived I got out of the car without stiffness or pain (a normal experience) and immediately made a cup of tea and sat down with John, my husband. It was late and I felt very tried and went to bed, forgetting to take my usual tablets.


I had a wonderful night’s sleep (quite often in the past I was very restless) and, in the morning, I sat up and got out of bed easily, believing that I must have taken my tablets the previous night. However, when I got downstairs the dose was still in the little tub, where I had left them the day before.


My husband put me to the test when I told him I had no pain. “Bend down a little”…”go a bit further”…”touch your toes”… I responded to these and other instructions and was in fact able to put my palms flat on the floor with my legs straight – something I was at once time easily able to do, as I did ballet dancing.


Although I had not yet bathed or dressed, in alarm I phoned Brenda and told her what I was now able to do, not really believing it myself. I waved my arm frantically and could move freely in all directions, and invited her to watch me, which of course was impossible as we were both on the phone.


I had some cooking to do and reached upon a high shelf for my Delia Smith cookery book without thinking about it, and was amazed that I had done it with my right hand, without effort or pain.


So here I am free of pain and raring to go – PRAISE THE LORD!”

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