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Our Awesome God

10 October 2014

On Wednesday whilst dropping off Monty, my cat, for a sleepover, I saw the most amazing double rainbow. The sky was dark but the colours lit it up. It was a spectacular sight, and then later that evening there was the sensational blood red moon! Wow! God’s creation is awesome. 

Currently I’m revelling in Job 38-41 as I prepare for next week’s Well’s Quiet Days. God speaks to Job out of the storm by asking Job a number of creational questions which Job just can’t answer. Isn’t it wonderful that our God is unfathomable and yet we can know Him? And He knows us inside out. 

Our Pathway Day Through Anger last Saturday was very special. Here is one Guest’s feedback: 

“As ever, Pauline is able to address challenging issues in a clear, loving, humorous and personal way. She holds her expertise lightly and has very practical tools to help us look at what may be holding us back from moving on in our journey of finding freedom in Christ. So many helpful and insightful nuggets to chew on backed up with biblical wisdom and references. Thank you for a brilliant day!”




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