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Our amazing Guests - from far and wide!


I HAVE written before in my blog how it was part of the vision for The Well Christian Healing Centre that people would come from far and wide to Leamington Spa.

Throughout the year we welcome Guests from many different places and school holidays are always times when we can see an even greater variety in our Guests' addresses!

This week has been very busy for our Prayer Ministry at The Pump Rooms and also a time when we have truly welcomed people from far and wide!

We had a Guest who made a special journey from North Wales, someone from Stafford, from Banbury, several people from Northampton - all in all a quite amazing geographic spread!

Another special moment was receiving an amazing healing story from a businessman who was one of our Guests!

The full version will appear in the next issue of our Source magazine which will be out next month but I wanted to share some of it with you today:

"God heals in so many ways. My experience from November 2012 is that He will use medical professionals and answers to prayer. 

My heart rate has been low for years and I was diagnosed with a dangerously low heart rate on a Monday which required urgent treatment. By the following Thursday evening a pacemaker was fitted. On the operating table the surgeon identified some further heart rate issues which seemed to come and go. I came home on Friday afternoon to recover. By the next Tuesday I was concerned that I was not recovering as I was told I would. 

I was urgently fitted with a heart monitor again, so I now had electronics making my heart beat and electronics monitoring my heartbeat!

That same Tuesday evening after having the heart monitor fitted I went to The Well for prayer.

This is the first time I have been even though I know many people who have received healing and people who pray. 

The team I was with were great, very welcoming, listened to me and gently helped me calm down and understand what I wanted to ask of God. I asked for prayer for the pacemaker to work, for peace for me and my family who by this time were getting concerned and to get my sense of humour back.

Specifically the team also prayed that the heart monitor results would show that there were no other issues... I was already being told I would need medication for other heart rate problems.

Guess what happened from that day on… I was peaceful, my wife was peaceful, the concern about future health eased, I got a sense of humour back (some might say!), the pacemaker did its job, and yes, when I met the consultant a week later, the heart monitor results showed that there were no other heart rate issues despite the fact that the consultant had seen them during the operation and I could feel them and best of all, no further treatment required. 

All this happened after receiving prayer at The Well.

I returned to work the following week, I am back in the gym trying to get my fitness back, happy to be healed by God."

 Wow, what an amazing story - thank you Father!

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